The Books Review Written By Honourable Bakul Chandra Basumatary

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The Books Review Written By Honourable Bakul Chandra Basumatary.(Retired Legal Advisor, Reserve Bank of India, Regional Director National Housing Board, Advocate of Mumbai High Court, Writer)

The Bodo People Have Their Own  Language, Tradition, Culture, History, Taste.  They Have Leaders, Fighters, And Passion. Faith, Dreams, Patience, Strength.  The Bodos Have Unique Tradition.. The Bodos Are Tough  Fighters For  47 Years Battle For Own Existence.  The  Bodos Were, Bodo Are And Bodo Will Stand United For Own Rights. History Is Evidence, Time Is Witness Them.  The Law Permits Bodo People Ought To Have __ Creat eBodoland.

The author has attempted to analyse Bodos historical background, socio-political status, the different phases of the movement so far crossed, the leadership of the movement, the participation of the Bodo people in the democratic electoral politics of India.

  1. Boroni Jarimin
  2. Bidinthi
  3. Geeta – translation in Bodo
  4. Bodo Civilization in India
  5. A Concise History of the Bodos
  6. A Treatise on the Bodos
  7. Why a Bodoland?
  8. Bodos are the Ancestors of Modern Indians – Under Print
  9. Religious Evolution of Bodos – Under Print.
  10. Innumerable articles published in news papers and journals.

Boroni Jarimin is about the ancient history of Assam.

  1. Bidinthi is about variou historical facts of the Bodos.
  2. Geeta is the complete translation of Madbhagavad Geeta in Bodo language.
  3. Bodo Civilization in India is brief history of the Bodos from pre-christian era till post independence.
  4. Concise history is a complete history of the Bodos till 2003, the formation of B T A S.
  5. Treatise deals with various issues relating to definations of Kamarupa and Pragjyotishpur. It also deals with the evolution of the Bodos with Hinduism and conversion of Bodos into Islam in East Bengal.

These facts are stated in details in the books written by Mr. BAKUL CHANDRA BASUMATATY that are as under.

  1. the Bodos are ancient nation spread over India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan.
  2. They have a rich culture and rituals.
  3. They have a flourishing language which is one of eight schedule languages.
  4. They have a sound religion called Bathou.
  5. They have their own dress.
  6. They have strict rites.
  7. They are agriculturists by profession since antiquity.
  8. Songs and dances associate with their ways of life.
  9. Prior to independence, they had several kingdoms and rulers of their land for thousand of years.
  10. Post independence they have been notified as S T.
  11. In 2003 they have been granted B T A D a sixth schedule autonomy.

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